Corporate Team Building

Fun and memorable experiences for work groups from various industries.

Put your workforce to the test! Your colleagues or employees will enter a series of completely unique themed rooms, where they will have to work together to solve the puzzles before the time runs out in order to escape!

There are no instructions, it’s up to the team’s innovation and problem-solving ability to look around and crack the interconnecting challenges, conundrums, riddles and clues.

Our experiences are fully mobile, and can be run in almost all venues.

Ready to put your team to the test? Call us now on: 03333 448187 or email us at: to learn more.
Immersive Escape Room Games For Everyone


Friends & Families

Looking for something different to do with your family or friends? Escape Rooms are a great way to pass the time, challenge yourselves and have fun!

Stag & Hen Parties

Is there a better way to celebrate the end of your freedom than being locked in a room? Of course there isn't, come join us before you hit the town! P.S. Fancy dress is encouraged!

Schools & Colleges

Escape rooms are a fun and innovative way of pulling together different aspects of STEM and using practical exercises to demonstrate problem-solving abilities and working as part of a group.

Corporate & Team-Building

Bored with the traditional team building activities? Why not lock your team in a room with a bunch of puzzles to solve within a deadline and see how well they truly work together!

Find answers to our most commonly asked questions!

What is the maximum number of people allowed in the room?

Each of our rooms has a different maximum capacity. Please see the individual room page for more information. Maximum capacity is determined based on the size of the room, fire regulations and the complexity of the puzzles within the room. If you would like to book a room for more than the maximum occupancy listed please speak to a member of staff on 03333 448187 who will be able to explore options with you.

Can I bring children? / What’s the youngest allowed?

Children are more than welcome either as part of a family team or in a group of other children. We also have rooms specifically designed for children.

Whilst we don’t have a minimum age for any of the rooms the puzzles are designed for specific age ranges. We have found that if children are too young then they may get bored whilst the adults solve the puzzles or frustrated when they can’t do it themselves. The children’s rooms have been designed for 8-14-year-olds. Our ‘adult’ rooms have been designed to be a challenge for a group of adults but some of the puzzles are suitable for children playing as part of a family.

Is there parking available?

There is minimal parking available at both of our venues, you are welcome to use this, but it is on a first-come-first-served basis. Both sites are within easy walking distance of several public car parks. More information regarding parking can be found in your confirmation email or by giving a member of our team a call on: 03333 448187.

Can I take food or drink into the escape room?

You are more than welcome to take a drink into the room, so long as it can be sealed with a cap or a lid in order to reduce the risk of spillage. You can bring your own, or we have a selection of hot and cold drinks available to buy at all of our venues. You are welcome to eat food in our waiting rooms, but we ask that you refrain from eating in the escape room itself although you will hopefully be far too busy to even think about food.

Do I need to arrive early for my booking?

We ask that you arrive around 10 minutes before your booking time. This allows the games master to give you your briefing and answer any questions you may have. If you go into your room late, we may have to end your experience before the hour is up to enable us to reset the room ready for the next group.

In line with social distancing measures outlined by the government to tackle Covid-19 we will be continuing to keep groups separate for the foreseeable. That means if you arrive too early for your booking, you may be asked to wait outside of our venue until the previous group has vacated.

Do you have toilet facilities?

Yes, all of our venues have customer toilets.

Do I need to wear any special clothing?

You don’t need to wear anything special. Although none of the escape rooms are physically challenging, we would recommend that you wear something that you are going to be comfortable in. We would probably recommend you avoid high heels, yes that includes the gents too.

Are there any health & safety requirements conditions that I need to be aware of?

All of our escape rooms undergo a regular risk assessment. You will receive a full health and safety briefing on any general and room-specific risks you need to be made aware of. There are no restrictions to our rooms for any medical condition, however, if you have a specific concern, then please call a member of staff on 03333 448187, and we will happily make any reasonable adjustments needed.

Are the rooms safe for someone who is pregnant?

Absolutely. There is nothing in the rooms that would cause any problem to the mother or baby. Please ask the member of staff on duty if you require a chair in the room or if you need to be out of the room for a toilet break and they will gladly accommodate you.

Are you able to accommodate someone with a disability?

Yes, we are. Our branches do have several small steps, but we do have a ramp to allow wheelchair access. The doors are standard size, and we have found that large electric wheelchairs struggle with these. Unfortunately, there is no accessible toilet facilities within at our venues.

We also have one member of staff who is able to communicate in sign language.

Will I be in the room with anyone else?

The only other people in the room with you will be the other members of your group. The only exception to this is if we run a singles type night or if one of our future rooms has a live actor in it. In either of these situations, it will be evident prior to booking.

What happens if we don't escape in time?

Don’t worry. If you don’t manage to solve all the puzzles our games master will let you out. They may even talk you through the puzzles you got stuck on if you ask them nicely.

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Our gift vouchers come in the form of a voucher code which can be applied at checkout and are available in a range of sizes from £10 to £100.

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