Find clues, solve the puzzles, break the codes and find the key to your freedom. You and your team will have to work together and utilise your observation and problem solving skills in order to escape.

The Missions

5-star rated escape experiences, with challenging and varied puzzles.

Kind words from some of our recent successful escapees and those who didn't quite make it.

Corporate Team Building

Planning a corporate team-building event?

We are experts at delivering adventure and well versed in delivering successful team-building activities. Whether it's on your premises or ours, we have the skills to make your upcoming event a smash!

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Ready to book?

Think you’ve got what it takes to tackle one of our 60-minute missions? The best place to book is online to guarantee availability, however, for bookings within next 4 hours please contact us on: 03333 448187.


£15 per person

For groups with 6 or more, please contact us at prior to booking.

Under 16s

£12 per person

Children under 14 years require a supervising adult in the room at all times.